Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive DJ Premier Samples ‘South Park’ for His Remix of Desiigner’s ‘Tiimmy Turner’

Desiigner’s latest single, “Tiimmy Turner” is already a cautionary banger but DJ Premier decided to add a little more thump with his Preemix of the track.

The legendary Gang Starr member flipped the song by giving it his infectious boom-bap sound.

“As a DJ, when a song is poppin’ one thing we do is remix it,” he says on the intro. “That’s right we remix it.”

The preemix features a plodding beat, stirring violins and Preemo’s cuts and scratches. Desiinger’s viral XXL freestyle is used here repeatedly where he raps, “Tiimmy, Tiimmy, Tiimmy Turner / He was wishin’ for a burner / To kill everybody walking’ / He knows that his soul in the furnace / Fuck bitch on BET / Have her walkin’, she fuckin’ for BET / Wildin’ for wallet / Kill everybody walking’ / He knows that his soul in the furnace.”

Premo also sampled soundbites of South Park‘s Timmy Burch, a wheelchair-bound character who constantly yells, “Timmy!” Also, the Twilight Zone theme is chopped up nicely in the mix.

Hopefully, Desiigner hears DJ Premier’s remix and will maybe grab a dope beat from him for his upcoming album.

What do you think of DJ Premier’s remix of Desiigner’s “Tiimmy Turner”? Is it hot or not? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to DJ Premier’s “Tiimmy Turner” Preemix


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