Mr. Dope Chef Exclusive Independent Review [GODFELLOW – SACK RELIGIOUS]

godfellowIn the industry there is a lot of competition. But with all odds of being an independent some artist strive and make it. Rapper, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Writer and Actor Cortez Currie known by his stage name “GodFellow” is an African-American Memphis-based rapper and songwriter of the Dirty South scenery. Upon his early years Godfellow was an affiliate of the first Bad Boy Street Team. He then linked up with powerhouse Architect & Founder of Urban Media Global Network Collective / Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. Aka Mr. Dope Chef. In 2015 both decided to joint ventures with the entertainment business. He was signed by Mr. Burgos (Urban Media Global) in 2015 and released his first single titled “2 Blunts (Two Blunts)”, which garnered respect across the industry.  As a child at 13 years old Godfellow started his first group called the Remedies as he grew into the industry. He promoted for different entities also, artist such as but not limited to Young Enz, Daniel Sage, Playa Fly, Yung D, 8Ball, MJG and P. Diddy. He has conquered the promotion game now he is garnering respect as an artist in the “Trap” rap genre with songs like “Its Fucked Up”, “On the Grind”, “High Forever’’, “Two Blunts” and the list goes on. After releasing several songs that garnered him a large following on the internet, such as “Bandman” and “2 Blunts” he re-signed and extended his allegiance to Urban Media Global. He is working on his debut album set to be released in mid 2017. He was also played on several radio outlets.


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