El Chapo’s Nephew Supposedly Managing Tekashi 6ix9ine, Mr. Dope Chef exclusive!!!

Things continue to get stranger and stranger in the Tekashi 6ix9ine story.

A undisclosed source is reporting that an Arizona man named Jose Avila, who claims to be drug lord El Chapo’s nephew, is telling people that he is the jailed rapper’s new manager and agent.

Unfortunately, the two may have had a falling out recently.

A tape recording between Avila and a member of Tekashi’s security team has leaked, and it features Avila threatening Tekashi if he doesn’t show up to a booked show.

Avila was referring to a show in Austin, Texas, which Tekashi was supposed to make an appearance.


Avila started the phone call off saying…

You need to please tell Danny bro’ that he needs to fucking call me and that he needs to come to my show, okay? I ain’t his fucking n—-s, I ain’t his fucking brother. He ain’t going to play with me. He needs to come to his show or I’m going to cut his probation, okay?

During this time, Tekashi was on probation for a sex crime involving a juvenile.

I know a lot of government people and I’m going to send his ass to jail if he doesn’t come to Austin, Texas, today. He fucking makes me lose money already.

Avila continued.

He needs to fucking come and be a fucking man. Or I’ll put his ass in jail.

The icing on the cake was what Avila had to say about Tekashi’s home and his mother. In the recording, you can hear Avila say he would have his 6ix9ine’s mother deported.

His brother lives there. His mother lives there. She don’t even have no fucking papers.

It’s odd because Avila has featured numerous pictures of himself and Tekashi’s mother on his Instagram.

In a separate set of text messages, Avila text Tekashi’s booking agent.

My uncle [is] in New York, Guzman Loera… My uncle sons control all USA.

The booking agent replied back, “El Chapo.”Avila responded…

Yess, Haja.

If you remember, when Tekashi fired his whole staff on camera, he mentioned a promoter and one promoter only.

Austin, Texas, I think I was supposed to be there today, I’m not there today. I spoke to the promoter, Jose Avila with Avila Music. We are going to be in business. I am coming back to Austin, Texas.

There’s no word if Avila is really El Chapo’s nephew, or if he is actually managing 6ix9ine.

But at this point, anything seems possible.




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