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  • Pusha T Says 2018 Showed The “True Colors Of So Many”

    Pusha T Says 2018 Showed The “True Colors Of So Many”

    Pusha T had to get a few things off his chest. A few hours before the clock hit 12:00 AM and 2019 was in full effect, Pusha T hopped on Twitter to drop a few lines about 2018 and all that it was. We think it’s safe to say Pusha had quite the year, especially when it came to his music and the beef between Drake and, of course, the infamous telling of Drizzy’s son Adonis. “There is no edge in rap battles,” King […]

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  • El Chapo’s Nephew Supposedly Managing Tekashi 6ix9ine, Mr. Dope Chef exclusive!!!

    El Chapo’s Nephew Supposedly Managing Tekashi 6ix9ine, Mr. Dope Chef exclusive!!!

    Things continue to get stranger and stranger in the Tekashi 6ix9ine story. A undisclosed source is reporting that an Arizona man named Jose Avila, who claims to be drug lord El Chapo’s nephew, is telling people that he is the jailed rapper’s new manager and agent. Unfortunately, the two may have had a falling out recently. A tape recording between Avila and a member of Tekashi’s security team has leaked, and it features Avila threatening Tekashi if he doesn’t show […]

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  • New @ExplosionsintheSky Album Spring 2011

    New @ExplosionsintheSky Album Spring 2011

    They “don’t want to say too much about it this early” but yesterday, Explosions in the Sky revealed their next album will be released in spring 2011. The album would be their first since 2007’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone. Let’s hope this means a US tour will be coming soon (NYC particularly).

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  • Rage Against the Government Machine – Music Used with Torture

    Artists like Rage Against the Machine, REM, and Nine Inch Nails are joining the bandwagon in efforts to close down Guantanamo Bay and want the government to disclose information on how their music was used in conjunction with torturing detainees, allegedly done without the artists’ permission. Some serious shizzle. You can read the articles on Al-Jazeera and on the BBC. – b do c

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  • Updated: People Who Cheat on Hypem

    Updated: People Who Cheat on Hypem

    I was referred to a very interesting blog post from the people at Hypem. Anyone who is reading this post/blog probably knows what Hypem is, if not, check it out. Based on a tip from a few bloggers about artists/blogs who were creating numerous fake accounts in order to boost their songs/blogs on the Hypem Popular page, Hypem took the initiative to look at the popular page artists across the entire Hypem site and find out who may be cheating. […]

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