Queens Versatility Comes To Life As Musician Lights Up Multi Venues Across The Tri-State Area…

Urban Media Global Musician "IzzI"In modern times uniqueness and multi aspects of being marketable is what gets a musician signed! But some circumstances in a culture of true Hip Hop and sound of unity comes a star that is born for the spotlight. In the mist of looking for talent that has good characteristics and personality in their content you want to ensemble a musician that is well craft and versatile all around. Born in the late 80’s Israel D. Jimenez always had a ear for sound. Growing up he wanted to be a influence to the culture of Hip Hop with good vibe music. He began taking his craft serious as most friends and family let him know he had a unique ability to get a crowd to move with elevating the artist standard of creative lyrics and wavy beats he was destine for the crowds of fans.

In October of 2018 “IzzI” was co-signed by Urban Media Global Collective Network / Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network Founder & Architect Mr. Ruben J Burgos aka Mr. Dope Chef. In interview on DSN the music mogul answered why he co signs “IzzI’ stating every song adds something special to the upcoming album and demonstrates IzzI’s incredible ability to tell compelling stories conveying a wide breadth of compelling ideas within his tracks.  Though it can require attention to detail for his words to sink in, He gives off a feeling of effortless and whimsical grace as he speaks from a place of stark honesty over live instrumentation. A complete one-of-one act who continues to grow in real time outside of the limelight, IzzI makes a subtle yet strong statement for the musician to provide alternatives to one-dimensional rap archetypes. 

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